LY Turbo Pump


INNCO LY Turbo pump consisting of API 610 type VS pump and steam turbine driver

LY Turbo Pump consists of an API 610 type VS, vertically suspended, single casing, one stage volute pump that is flexibly coupled and supported by a mounting flange to a bucket type single stage steam turbine. With high reliability and long operational life, it is able to work under challenging conditions

The main advantages 

  • High reliability
  • Easy assembly and maintenance of the pump
  • Use of highly corrosion-resistant material that is guarantee the high durability of the turbopump
  • Compact and unique design

Key specifications

3000 Speed (rpm)
150 Flow, Normal (liter/min)
5 Operating Pressure (bar)
2.2 Pump Rated Power (kW)
Single Volute Casing Type

INNCO Turbo Pump Skid

 In this package, the INNCO steam turbines can be used as drivers along with the pumps of this company according to the specifications and application required by the customer as a turbopump package on a skid.


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