Turbines are strategic equipment, especially in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. With the imposition of sanctions on this vital and mother industry, the supply of parts and equipment faced major problems. Accordingly, with the aim of localizing the design and construction of steam turbines under 6 MW, this project was defined and the company started the construction of a complete set of steam turbines in 2009.At present, with the acquisition of the latest technical knowledge and technology in the world, the process of designing and manufacturing this type of steam turbines is completely done in the company’s internal collection.

Application and scope of supply

These turbines have many applications in various industries such as pump drivers, compressors, fans, generators and as an alternative to electric motors in refineries, petrochemicals and gas sites of the textile industry and so on.

They are also used in energy efficiency, CHP and heat recovery systems.

Among the group of industries that have benefited from the ability of the products and services of this company, are power plants, petrochemicals, refineries, gas, sugar, copper, cement, locomotives and shipping.

Advantages and benefits
  • Equipment skid designing and manufacturing
  • Thermal and acoustic Insulation
  • Control panel, local panel
  • Mechanical and electrical speed control system
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical governors
  • INNCO Lube-Oil package accordance with API-614 standard
  • Instrumentation equipment such as bearing temperature control equipment, value control, etc. according to customer needs and vendor list
Advantages and benefits
  • History and expertise of this complex as the first manufacturer of steam turbines in Iran
  • Registered in all vendor lists of oil, gas, petrochemical and other related industries in Iran
  • Design and construction in accordance with API-611 standard
  • Competitive quality with foreign samples
  • Technical advice for selection and purchase
  • Consulting and services for installation by the INNCO experienced team
  • 1 year warranty and 10 years after-sales service
  • Supply and manufacture of spare parts
  • Increase energy cycle efficiency and cost-effective

INNCO Manufacturing

The method of production and technology in Iran Nasb Niroo is based on very precise design and engineering with control processes in accordance with this industry and the standards of the world. These necessary and strict measures, as well as the ability to customize for each turbine according to the power and application desired by the customer, has made the final product of this company have a much higher quality and more competitive than the other products in the world.

Everything at a glance

2TYTY3SY2SYSYBSY3FY2FYFY Specifications (Max.)
710/49710/49710/49710/49710/49710/49600/41300/21210/14.5 Initial Pressure (psig/bar)
770/410878/470770/410770/410770/410770/410716/380644/340550/288 Initial Temperature (°F/°C)
60/490/690/690/690/690/660/460/460/4 Exhaust Pressure (psig/bar)
620050006200480048004700320032003200 Speed (Rpm)
28/71028/71022/56022/56022/56020.5”/52518”/45818”/45818”/458 Wheel Pitch diameter (Inch/mm)
6”6”4”4”4”4”2.5”2”2" Inlet Size (ANSI, inch)
20”12”8”10”8”6”4”4”4” Exhaust Size (ANSI, inch)
6440/48003490/26002550/19002010/15001475/1100400/300240/180200/150160/120 Range Of capacities (hp/kW)
2980/13502870/13002650/12002425/11002200/10002200/1000880/400840/380770/350 Shipping Weight (lb/kg)

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