PUMP 80-320

This pump is of OHZ centrifuge type, which is produced and supplied according to API610 standard by using mechanical design features for proper reliability and stable performance.

Technical Specification

Power (kw) Flow (m3/h) Head (m) Flange class Specific gravity Max. Suction temperature (°C) Impeller diameter (mm) Approximate Weight (kg)
40 100 100-150 300 0.8 390 320 280

Material Data

Part Name Impeller Shaft Cartridge Stuffing Box Volute Casing Bush Sleeve
Apply Material Stainless Steel 316 Mo 40 Ck 45 Steel A 216 Stainless Steel 420 VCN 150


Net weight (kg) B1 B A1 A Parameter
280 317 580 527 751 Dimension (mm)