CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is a waste energy recovery technology that can generate heat and electricity at the same time. CHP systems can be located in a building or next to other equipment or as a primary energy source. These types of systems are usually located in places that need heat and electricity at the same time.

Typically, 2/3 of the energy required to generate electricity in the form of heat in power plants is wasted and released into the atmosphere. In this process, after generating electricity, the heat generated and wasted is recycled as hot steam or exhaust gases and used as heating energy for applications such as heating water, heating, or cooling the environment or industrial applications. Thus, in CHP systems, we do not have losses due to energy distribution and dissipation. We can achieve an efficiency of over 80% from energy production, which is very suitable compared to conventional technologies with an efficiency of 30 to 50%.

In the INNCO CHP systems, the steam produced is used to start the turbine and turn on the generator. Then the steam that comes out of the turbine can be used to produce useful thermal energy.

Iran Nasb Niroo Company as the first manufacturer of steam turbines in Iran, is one of the most prominent manufacturers of CHP and Waste Heat Recovery systems in Iran. Utilizing its 30 years of experience in this industry, this company is a leader in manufacturing Waste Heat Recovery systems with high technology and reliability in Iran.

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