1. We strive to honor the customer and reduce delivery time continuously.
  2. We are serious about using facilities in appropriate, effective, and compassionate way.
  3. We do our best to flourish and effectiveness the goals of the organization.
  4. We strive for the active participation of employees, their suggestions, and teamwork to solve organizational bottlenecks.
  5. While maintaining professional independence, we always help each other with consultation and participation.
  6. We endeavor to further strengthen organizational relationships by maintaining mutual respect and creating an active and vibrant environment.
  7. We put seriousness and responsibility in carrying out our duties.
  8. We continuously prioritize training and transferring knowledge to our workers to boost their knowledge, and business abilities.
  9. We always strengthen the field of constructive criticism to improve the way we do our work.
  10. We strive to establish organizational discipline and implement professional ethics.
  11. Each of the employees is a pillar of the organization’s magnificent mansion, and we won’t hesitate to make any efforts to strengthen this mansion.
  12. In the implementation of organizational tasks, we benefit well from time management.
  13. We strive to create a calm and reliable atmosphere together.
  14. We are obliged to carry out the programs, perform the assigned duties thoroughly and correctly, protect the interests and information, enforce the company’s laws, and promote it.
  15. We are obliged to protect the information and secrets of the organization.
  16. We have put our focus on the quality and standard of the productions based on customers’ attitudes.
  17. We believe in creating a healthy competition for the excellence of the organization and its goals.
  18. We do our best to promote the name of INNCO.
  19. We consider ourselves committed to the implementation of the Code of Ethics.