Iran Nasb Niroo Company was founded since early of 1991 and started its activities in the field of engineering, operational, optimization, research, and overhaul of power plant, oil and gas, and nitrogen units.

In the early years of the company, the main activities were included parts manufacturing services, installation, and commissioning of parts of the petrochemical industry, power plants. In this way, we were able to provide significant savings in the mentioned sectors as well as power plants by providing the best services and engineering capabilities. We can mention petrochemicals, refineries, power plants and gas, sugar, copper, cement, and locomotives industries that have used our services, products, and capabilities.

Our customers’ satisfaction is due to the commitment, efficiency, use of the latest technologies, and 24-hour after-sales service, although we always try to offer the best reasonable price, as well as timely delivery of services and free consultation. Simultaneously with operational and executive activities, the company’s experts have also successfully conducted extensive research and studies on manufacturing and repairing HOT Path GAPS gas turbine components.