The largest single-stage turbine of Iran Nasb Niroo, INNCO 2TY turbine meet or exceed API611 standard, which is available with a maximum power of 6440 hp (4800 kW). This turbine can also be used as Back Pressure Turbine and Condensing Turbine.

Technical Specifications

Disk type Exhaust steam pressure (Psig/bar) Inlet steam temperature (°F /°C) Inlet steam pressure (Psig/bar) Exhaust size Inlet size Turbine speed (rpm) Power output (kW)
Curtis ≤ 60/4 ≤ 770/410 ≤ 710/49 20″ 6″ ≤ 6200 4800


Net weight (kg) B1 B A1 A Parameter
1350 1203 1190 500 1364 Dimension (mm)